Come play with solblocks

SolBlocks is a collection of 5k unique NFTs designed to connect the community with the magic of playing. Mint a Blocky and start enjoying the benefits of being part of SolBlocks

We have decided to divide our Roadmap in four different stages with precise activities and clear objectives that we find crucial for the development of the project:



  • Contract Development
  • Work with an illustrator to create the perfect NFT designs.
  • Discord, twitter and website launch
  • First giveaways, paid promotions and collaborations with other projects
  • Designs previews for the community
  • Organic growth for launch



  • Listing in HowRareIs, RarityTools and RaritySniper.
  • Launch of the 4999 NFT collection.
  • Verification in SolSea.
  • Marketing strategy in CT and discord.



  • Shipping of minifigs and LEGO sets to Blocky minters
  • Charity donations each week to a toy-related organization, sponsoring children around the world.
  • -Launch of BlocksTV, a show that will be streamed once or twice a week.



By the time we get to this stage, we aim to be a popular NFT show with a solid and active community, which is why we want them to participate even more in the important decisions. After the success of the third stage and SolBlocksTV, we want to decide the next steps, among all the possibilities, along with the community

A group of 6 kidults passionate about the art, teamed-up to take their favorite toy collection to the NFT world.

MarkMarketing manager
El AdytaArtist
How do I mint a Block?

Firstly, you need to have $SOL in your wallet (Phantom or Sollet). Secondly, you need to connect your wallet to our website. After that, you can buy your Blocky by clicking the “Mint” button and confirming the transaction in your wallet. When all the blocks get minted, you will be able to purchase them by looking for the SolBlocks collection in digital eyes or Solsea.

How are SolanaBlocks generated and why is it unique?

We will be using a metaplex code to generate the blocks. Our program will create it whenever one mints a block and the attributes are randomly selected by the code. Once a block is minted, the contract doesn´t allow to mint another same one. Your block is unique among over 50 million blocks!

What about the legal conditions?

Regarding the legal terms, we do not have any connection to The LEGO Group. After an exhaustive investigation, our lawyer determined that our Blockies are totally original and unique from a legal point of view due to the MOC policy, which stands for "My Own Creation". Because of the "Creation" property, our designs are considered to be a creation of a mind so they belong to the owner of the brain and therefore protected for being intellectual property.

Who is working on SolBlocks?

We are a big team that has among its members: two illustrators, a contract and metaplex code developer team, community managers and a marketing team.

How does the presale work?

We wanted to give an advantage to those who have been part of SolBlocks from the beginning, which is why the first 200 members to claim the OG role in the discord community chat will be able to participate in the presale, where we will be airdropping right after launch Blockies to all the OGs who transfer to the Presale Wallet.

What is SolBlocksTV?

SolBlocksTV is our main long-term support of our collection. We wanted to create something unique for the constantly growing NFT community, a place where all the NFT collectors congregate to be part of something bigger, and that's how SolBlocksTV came up. SolBlocksTV is a streamed show about the NFT world where all the community gathers to review projects, participate in giveaways, get to know developers and more, and all hosted by the big names of crypto twitter. Despite our objective of gathering the community in one place, we want to use that place to promote SolBlocks . In order to do this, we will give holders a special role in the stream: they will be participating in exclusive giveaways, games, and taking a much interactive part , making this a profitable source in terms of marketing. However, this will be useful as long as we keep it attractive for all the viewers by doing giveaways, reviewing projects, inviting developers and influencers and doing everything to engage the audience.

Which charity will benefit from the donations?

Getting everyone to play is one of our main purposes. This is the reason why we have decided to donate a percentage of proceeds to a charity organization that helps impoverished children by providing a safe environment to play. As it's the whole SolBlocks community who´s helping these children, we want you to feel in touch with them. In order to make this possible, we will be updating you with photos and videos, and we will be keeping you in contact with them by letters and chats.

Is there a maximum buy?

No, there is not, but you can only mint one SolBlock per transaction

How does the minifigs shipping work?

As we stated, we want people to reconnect with the joy of playing with toys, one way of doing this is to deliver toys to the community! In order to do that we will be shipping real-life Blockies and LEGO sets to some owners of minting wallets (as long as they want to receive them). We want our buyers to have in their hands the exact Blockie they bought and a little set to build and use as a display We will ship Blockies to the owners of one special trait: yellow skin. If you are lucky enough to mint a yellow skin trait for your Blockie, you will be able to ask for the real-life version of it. We will be showing you guys some examples in the following days!